West Berkshire Flood Warnings In Force – EA Alerts

The latest England flood warnings in force for the Thames region. Data supplied direct from the Environment Agency. Please refresh this page for flood risk updates. Avoid damage to property and travel disruption.

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Flood Warning Area: Thames

Counties at risk of flooding: West Berkshire
Areas at risk of flooding: Groundwater flooding in West Ilsley, East Ilsley, Compton, Chilton and West Hagbourne.

Rivers At Flood Risk


Current Flood Alert: Flood alert 3

Latest flood alert advice from the Environment Agency: Groundwater levels are high, but falling slowly, at our Hodcott borehole near West Ilsley, East Ilsley and Compton. Groundwater levels are above normal for this time of year and communities may continue to be affected by groundwater flooding as the catchment remains sensitive to further rainfall due to high groundwater levels. The weather forecast is for isolated showers today (14/06/2024) which could be heavy at times. This forecast continues over the weekend and into early next week. From Tuesday onwards, it is expected to be predominantly dry with the chance of scattered showers. Low-lying land, gardens, roads, and cellars will continue to be at risk of flooding. Due to the nature of groundwater flooding, this situation could continue for several weeks or longer. Avoid driving or walking through floodwater as there may be concealed hazards. We are continuing to monitor groundwater levels and will update this message by Friday, 21/06/2024, or as the situation changes.

Flood Level Number / Meaning

1: Severe Flood Warning Severe Flooding, Danger to Life.
2: Flood Warning Flooding is Expected, Immediate Action Required.
3: Flood Alert Flooding is Possible, Be Prepared.
4: Warning no Longer in Force The warning is no longer in force.

West Berkshire flood warning updated at: 2024-06-14T10:23:39

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