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The latest weather forecast from the Met Office for the UK. Avoid traffic and travel disruption caused by bad weather on the UK’s road network.

Weather Forecast Summary: Headline:

Generally dry and cloudy, with gusty winds in southwest England.

Weather Forecast for This Evening and Tonight:

It will be generally dry tonight, with low cloud developing across central, eastern and southern areas. In eastern Scotland and northeast England it will be chilly, and there will be gusty conditions for parts of Wales and especially southwest England.

Weather for Thursday:

Early cloud will soon clear for most, with very warm sunshine. Under cloudier skies along North Sea coasts it will be cooler, and gusty winds will continue in the southwest.

Weather Outlook

Weather warnings generated by the Met Office.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Winds easing through Friday, with very warm sunshine for most. Warmth focusing in the south and east on Saturday, however thunderstorms possible in north. Turning cooler and breezier on Sunday.

UK Outlook for Monday 1 Jul 2019 to Wednesday 10 Jul 2019:

By Monday, fresher and less warm weather will spread to all areas. The north of the UK will probably be rather wet and windy but southern parts are likely to be drier. Winds and rain will probably ease on Tuesday and Wednesday, apart from the far south, where it may become more breezy for at time. Most of the UK is likely to have some warm sunshine on those days, though it is not expected to be as warm as this week. Over the following days, the most likely scenario is for mainly dry, bright and warm weather to continue though there is no special signal for particularly hot temperatures. Early morning mist or short-lived wetter and windier weather are also likely at times.

UK Outlook for Thursday 11 Jul 2019 to Thursday 25 Jul 2019:

Dry, bright and often warm weather is the most likely scenario for the first few days of this period, though some wind and rain is likely at times. This could well continue later into July, perhaps with some hot weather spreading from the continent at times. However, the situation is very uncertain by then. If blocked high pressure were to be displaced significantly to the west or the east of the UK, we could end up with some changeable weather with significant rainfall at times.

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