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Weather Forecast Issued at 30-Sep-2020 04:00:00: AM

Weather Forecast Summary: Headline:

Turning unsettled for all with some heavy rain at times.

Weather Forecast for Today:

Rain in the west, heavy at times, moving slowly eastwards. Windy, with coastal gales in the west this morning. Brighter skies following across western parts this afternoon but also some showers.

Weather for Tonight:

Rain slowly clearing eastwards but persisting across parts of Scotland. Clear spells following but showers affecting the southwest. Turning chilly across Northern Ireland with frost and a few fog patches.

Weather Outlook Thursday:

Further rain across northeast Scotland. Elsewhere, a mixture of sunny spells and showers. Showers heaviest and most frequent in the southwest with a risk of hail and thunder. Feeling chilly.

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Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Unsettled. Rain and strong winds over southern England on Friday spreading to the rest of the UK over the weekend. Rather cold, locally cold in more persistent wind and rain.

UK Outlook for Sunday 4 Oct 2020 to Tuesday 13 Oct 2020:

An unsettled picture is likely for this period, with all parts of the country seeing showery spells as well as times of more prolonged rainfall. However, southern and western areas are expected to see the worst of these conditions with the most frequent and heaviest rainfall. Drier and calmer conditions could be seen at times, but likely only for short interludes. Largely windy for most of the country during this period, with a risk of gales at times, particularly along western and southwestern coasts. Overall, it is likely to feel rather cold as temperatures look set to be around average or below. During any of the brief calmer interludes overnight frost is also possible in the North.

UK Outlook for Wednesday 14 Oct 2020 to Wednesday 28 Oct 2020:

A potential change in the weather is signalled around the middle of October. Whilst further rain and strong winds are likely at times, spells of fine and dry weather could become more widespread and long-lived. At night, these calmer conditions would allow frost and fog to form more readily. At this time of year, there is potential for fog to linger well into the daytime. Overall, temperatures probably recovering close to the seasonal average for mid-October.

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