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  • A38 westbound between A390 near Liskeard (east) and B3254 | Westbound | Road Works | Cornwall

    Location : The A38 westbound between the A390 Liskeard East and the junction with the A390 Liskeard West. Lane Closures : Lane one will be closed. Reason : Emergency roadworks are planned. Status : Pending. Schedule : Expect disruption everyday between 20:00 and 04:00 from 25 March 2019 to 13 April 2019. Lanes Closed : There will be one of two lanes closed.
    A38 Traffic Delays in Cornwall
    Tue, 19 Mar 2019 11:11:43 GMT
  • A417 southbound between M5 and A46 | Southbound | Road Works | Gloucestershire

    Location : The A417 southbound between the M5 and the junction with the A46 . Reason : Road repairs are planned. Status : Pending. Schedule : From 19:00 on 25 March 2019 to 06:00 on 30 March 2019. Lanes Closed : All lanes will be closed.
    A417 Traffic Delays in Gloucestershire
    Tue, 19 Mar 2019 11:11:43 GMT
  • M5 southbound within J17 | Southbound | Road Works | South Gloucestershire

    Location : The M5 southbound between junctions J17 and J18 . Lane Closures : The hard shoulder is closed. Reason : Roadworks. Status : Currently Active. Period : expect disruption until 12:00 on 21 May 2019.
    M5 Traffic Delays in South Gloucestershire
    Tue, 19 Mar 2019 11:11:43 GMT

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