North West England Weather Forecast

The latest weather forecast from the Met Office for North West England.

Weather Forecast Issued at 20-Apr-2020 04:00:00: AM

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Weather Forecast Summary: Headline:

Plenty of sunshine, but chilly in the easterly wind.

Weather Forecast for Today:

Once any patchy cloud clears from the hills, it will be a very sunny day with widespread sunshine. Although warm in sheltered areas, the easterly wind will bring a chill to the air. Maximum Temperature 17C.

Weather for Tonight:

Winds easing a little through the evening and overnight, but a rather chilly night under clear skies. Staying frost free. Minimum Temperature 5C.

Weather Outlook for Tuesday:

Another day with plenty of sunshine throughout. Feeling warmer in areas sheltered from the cooler easterly wind. Maximum Temperature 15C.

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Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Hazy sunshine through Wednesday and Thursday, with winds easing. Turning cloudier on Friday with a risk of showers.

UK Outlook for Friday 24 Apr 2020 to Sunday 3 May 2020:

It is expected to be largely fine and dry with plenty of sunshine to start this period, with any risk of showery conditions confined to the south of England. When, at times, unsettled conditions reach the south, it may also carry a risk of thunder and lightning. Temperatures are expected to be rather warm for most, but perhaps cool along eastern coastlines. As we move further into Spring, temperatures will tend towards average for the time of year, with any overnight frosts isolated to sheltered northern regions. The largely sunny, settled conditions with light winds are expected to continue until the end of April, when showery, unsettled conditions may become more widespread and extend further north.

UK Outlook for Monday 4 May 2020 to Monday 18 May 2020:

Although confidence is low for this period, it is likely that unsettled, showery conditions that were confined to the south, will extend further north and become somewhat widespread. It’s possible that towards the middle of May we will see a return to settled conditions with dry and bright weather. Temperatures overall near or above average.

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