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Traffic delays for the M53 motorway in The Wirral, North West England. Latest travel news from UK Traffic Delays open data for The Wirral. Avoid M53 roadworks and traffic jams on the UK’s major roads and motorways.

Latest M53 Motorway Congestion

    No Reported Congestion

Live M53 Accident Updates

    No Reported Accidents

Northbound M53 Roadworks and Delays

Southbound M53 Roadworks and Delays

M53 Motorway Traffic Map

Live traffic flow information. Avoid congestion and plan a smarter route.

Traffic delay information supplied by UK Traffic Delays. The latest traffic reports, roadworks and live travel news for the M53 motorway in North West England. Updated every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Our travel news is as up to date as possible but please do always check with local radio news sources and always allow plenty of time for your journey.

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Our website contains public sector travel information licensed under the: Open Government Licence v3.0.

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10 thoughts on “M53 Traffic News”

  1. They keep closing the slip roads like junction 3 of a night, but nothing ever changes. How many times do they have to revisit. Feels like make work.
    And there is never any advance warning so you can plan a better route. Last night at junction 8 they diverted trucks down narrow lanes.
    Time to stop or at least ensure 1 lane is kept open. These diversions add large amounts of time to my journey.

  2. M53 at Appleton thorn heading Manchester bound is at a standstill. Major incident. Zero movement for over an hour and looks like several more before it’s starts

    1. M53 between 4 and 2 northbound. Traffic crawling all 3 lanes due to an accident. Police & fire brigade on scene. Traffic is moving at a very very slow pace.

  3. M53 closed heading west from J11 (at 10pm Sat 15th May 2021) – no warning, just narrows to 1 lane, then sweeps you off onto the M56 without explanation or option to exit in advance unless you have pyschic powers. I found myself headed to Manchester when I was only a minute away from Chester and with no diversions marked, had to troop around to find my way home via back roads.

  4. Something in the right lane on the M53 southbound between junctions 4-5, looks like it has fallen off the back of a vehicle

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