Hertfordshire Flood Warnings In Force – EA Alerts

The latest England flood warnings in force for the Hertfordshire and North London region. Data supplied direct from the Environment Agency. Please refresh this page for flood risk updates. Avoid damage to property and travel disruption.

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Flood Warning Area: Hertfordshire and North London

Counties at risk of flooding: Hertfordshire
Areas at risk of flooding: Groundwater flooding in Flamstead.

Rivers At Flood Risk


Current Flood Alert: Flood alert 3

Latest flood alert advice from the Environment Agency: Groundwater levels in the Flamstead area are considerably higher than expected for this time of year. The main area at risk of groundwater flooding is Trowley Bottom Valley around Flamstead. We expect groundwater levels to remain high for the next few weeks although levels are starting to drop. The most important thing to do to prepare for groundwater flooding is to have a personal flood plan. We are monitoring the situation closely. The next scheduled update is Wednesday 19 June 2024.

Flood Level Number / Meaning

1: Severe Flood Warning Severe Flooding, Danger to Life.
2: Flood Warning Flooding is Expected, Immediate Action Required.
3: Flood Alert Flooding is Possible, Be Prepared.
4: Warning no Longer in Force The warning is no longer in force.

Hertfordshire flood warning updated at: 2024-06-12T22:00:13

For more information on flood risks and action to take for the Hertfordshire and North London region of England:
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