East Midlands Weather Forecast

The latest weather forecast from the Met Office for the East Midlands England.

Weather Forecast Issued at 24-Jul-2019 04:00:00: AM

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Weather Forecast Summary: Headline:

Hot and humid Wednesday. Very hot Thursday.

Weather Forecast for Today:

Any early showers soon clearing. A dry, increasingly sunny day the follows, and turning hot and humid by the afternoon. However sunshine will turn a little hazy, as some cloud develops later. Maximum Temperature 31C.

Weather for Tonight:

It will remain dry overnight with largely clear skies and light winds. It will stay very warm and muggy feeling. Minimum Temperature 17C.

Weather Outlook for Thursday:

Very hot, humid and sunny, with light winds. Likely staying dry, although there is a chance of very isolated thunderstorms later. Maximum Temperature 37C.

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Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Muggy start Friday, with eastern parts likely staying very warm. Rain, perhaps thundery, likely later. Still humid Saturday and Sunday, with further thundery showers possible, but also some sunny spells.

UK Outlook for Sunday 28 Jul 2019 to Tuesday 6 Aug 2019:

On Sunday spells of heavy and possibly thundery rain may affect Scotland and the far east and northeast of England, especially during the morning. Elsewhere sunny spells and scattered showers, but with some central and southeastern parts staying dry. At the start of next week there’ll most probably be a good deal of dry weather with sunny spells, with showers most likely in the west and southwest where there may be some longer spells of rain at times. During the first week of August wet and occasionally windy weather is expected to mainly affect the northwest, with a better chance of drier and warmer weather in the south and east. Temperatures will generally be above the average, and possibly hot at times in the southeast.

UK Outlook for Wednesday 7 Aug 2019 to Wednesday 21 Aug 2019:

As we move further into August, the final month of the meteorological summer, confidence is low in the forecast with no one single weather pattern looking to dominate. Whilst the north and northwest may see some spells of unsettled weather at first, with the best of the drier weather across the southeast, by the third week of August it looks as though settled weather may develop more widely for a time. However, there is also an increasing risk of showers or thunderstorms developing in the south. Temperatures are likely to be above average, perhaps more especially so in the south and southeast where hot weather on the near continent may spread in at times.

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