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Introduction to the A55 Road

The A55, also known as the North Wales Expressway, is a critical artery that connects Cheshire and North Wales. Being a primary route, the A55 is often bustling with traffic, with certain sections particularly prone to congestion, especially during peak hours.

Key Features of the A55

The A55 stands out for its unique characteristics, making it a vital part of the regional transport network. All junctions are grade separated from a roundabout east of Penmaenmawr and another nearby Llanfairfechan. The road originally ran from Chester to Bangor. Still, in 2001, it was extended across Anglesey to the ferry port of Holyhead, forming an integral part of Euroroute E22 under the Trans-European Networks programme.

Live A55 Congestion Reports

    No Reported Congestion

Busiest Sections and Junctions

Starting at junction 12 of the M53, near Chester, the A55 traverses various towns and junctions, some busier than others. The section between J39 Christleton and J36a Broughton, known as the Chester southerly bypass, sees significant traffic, especially during rush hours.

Another critical point is Junction 34/33b, where the A494 converges and diverges with the A55. This junction often experiences heavy traffic and can lead to delays.

The stretch between Northop and Halkyn (Junctions 33 and 32b) and Halkyn and Holywell Summit (Junctions 32 and 31) is also prone to congestion. This section of the road, which passes through the Halkyn Mountain range, is notorious for poor weather conditions, causing delays, particularly during winter.

A55 Accident Updates

    No Reported Accidents

Traffic delays for the A55 road in the North of England. Latest travel news from UK Traffic Delays for Cheshire and North Wales.

Westbound A55 Roadworks and Delays

Avoid A55 roadworks and traffic congestion on the UK’s major roads.

Eastbound A55 Roadworks and Delays

Speed Limits and Traffic Regulations

The A55 features varying speed limits that drivers need to be aware of. For instance, two road sections, from (Junction 23) Llanddulas to (Junction 17) Conwy, carry a 70 mph speed limit and often see high traffic volumes.

On the other hand, the Colwyn Bay bypass (Old Colwyn to Mochdre) has a 50 mph speed limit due to its unusually short slip-roads. Despite being a point of contention among drivers, this limit was implemented as a safety precaution and to reduce road noise for residents.

Traffic Flow Map

Live traffic flow information. Avoid congestion and plan a smarter route.

Landmarks and Structures

Among the notable structures on the A55 is the tunnel crossing the estuary of the River Conwy. As the longest road tunnel in Wales, it often experiences high traffic volumes, especially during peak travel times.

Navigating the A55 with Ease

Despite its busy sections and occasional traffic delays, the A55 remains a vital link in the transport network of England and Wales. By understanding its busiest junctions, potential delays, and critical features, drivers can plan their journeys more effectively and confidently navigate this route.

Stay up-to-date with real-time traffic updates, and make your journey smoother and more enjoyable on the A55.

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  1. Sat in an East bound two lane creeping queue near Abergwyngregyn. Website says no delays. So, now late for an appointment on Wirral.
    Not helpful.

    1. We’ve got appointment in Walton Hospital checked travel info for A55 it says no delays but we’re stuck in a queue miles long. Need to get their act together or don’t bother having the app. So annoying 😡

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