A30 Traffic News, Roadworks and Accidents

If you are planning to travel on the A30 road, you need to be aware of the traffic conditions and updates on this major route.

Live A30 Congestion Reports

    No Reported Congestion

Traffic delays for the A30 road in South West England. Latest travel news from official UK Traffic Delays open data sources.

A30 Accident Updates

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Westbound A30 Roadworks and Delays

Avoid A30 roadworks and traffic congestion on the UK’s major roads and motorways.

Eastbound A30 Roadworks and Delays

A30 Traffic Flow Map

Live traffic flow information. Avoid travel congestion and plan a smarter route.

Traffic delay information supplied by UK Traffic Delays. The latest traffic reports, roadworks and travel news for the A30 road in England. Our travel news is as up to date as possible but please do always check with local radio news sources and always allow plenty of time for your A30 journey.

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5 thoughts on “A30 Traffic News, Roadworks and Accidents”

  1. A30 surfacing west of Crewkerne. A shambles with traffic control, traffic stopped back to Crewkerne town centre westbound (mile and a half) and at least 1 mile eastbound. This road was scheduled to be closed on 23rd when in fact no works were carried out and which users were obviously expecting. The delays on this extremely busy road at this extremely busy time are entirely unacceptable, not least without any warning: a) the road surface did not need any repair at all, b) spraying tar and covering with a layer of chips in hot weather is a complete waste of time and money and leads to damage to vehicles from chips and tar. c) this type of treatment has never achieved any lasting improvement to the surface. d) with at least 100 vehicles at any one time sitting for some 40 minutes or more, the cost in fuel and CO2 and time wasted is unbelievable. This entire excercise will have achieved nothing whatsoever except to waste a large amount of time and money. There are many roads in this county which DO require attention which they are not getting and the A30 at this point is not one of them.

  2. A30 is a nightmare, have been stuck an hour now and not moving!! We continued on our journey after reading you report had been quoting a 10 min delay!! Kindly update this info for other road users.

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