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  • A3 southbound exit for M25 | Southbound | Congestion | Surrey

    Location : The A3 southbound exit slip to the M25 . Reason : Congestion. Status : Currently Active. Return To Normal : Normal traffic conditions are expected between 08:45 and 09:00 on 26 May 2022. Delay : There are currently delays of 10 minutes against expected traffic.
    A3 Surrey Live Travel News
    Thu, 26 May 2022 07:53:24 GMT

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    No Reported Accidents

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    7 thoughts on “A3 Traffic Updates”

    1. Richard Aylmer-Hall

      0820: A3 temporarily closed by police southbound between Tolworth and Hook while a collision is cleared away. Very heavy queuing traffic northbound between Esher and Hook as rubber-neckers slow down to look at the scene.

    2. What is the point of this site? I can see that there is congestion on the a3, we’re currently stuck in it. What i want to know is why? Is it an accident? Roadworks? Act of god/aliens/millenials? Some details people…

    3. Who is going to read this and do something? Last night[4July] I was confronted with a diversion just before the Hindhead Tunnel which took me off the road into non-signposted territory.

      I was going to Guildford and it took a long time to find a route.

      Really poor stuff.

    4. Last night my partner was turned off the A3 northbound just after Liss roundabout with no prior notice absolutely disgusting shutting all lanes when people are trying to commute Portsmouth to London the night before he was turned off at hind head and was given no diversion at all and to go back to Portsmouth
      Your site only says slip roads are closed not the whole road what exactly are people supposed to do??

    5. What a complete shambles at A3 / Puttenham Heath Road junction at 6.30 am on 7/12/19. No prior notices comming from Godalming direction and then ludicrous redirection through Guildford. Utter contempt for road users shown by planners, if they merit that description.

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