A27 Road Closures, Accidents and Roadworks.

The A27 is one of the busiest roads in the UK, connecting the south coast cities of Southampton, Portsmouth, Chichester, Worthing and Brighton. It is also a major route for commuters, tourists and freight traffic.

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Today’s A27 Accident Updates

    No Reported Accidents

Westbound A27 Closures and Roadworks.

Eastbound A27 Closures and Roadworks.

Traffic delays for the A27 road in Southern England. Latest live travel news from UK Traffic Delays. Avoid A27 road works, incidents and travel congestion.

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Live traffic flow information. Avoid congestion and plan a smarter route.


Traffic delay information supplied by UK Traffic Delays open data. The latest A27 road traffic reports, roadworks and live travel news for South East England. Our A27 travel news is as up to date as possible but please do always check with local radio news sources and always allow plenty of time for your journey.

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4 thoughts on “A27 Road Closures, Accidents and Roadworks.”

  1. A27 was blocked off before the Lewes roundabour, had to go around the A26, and following ‘diverted traffic’ signs was a nightmare, as whoever placed them did so miles apart, which is no joke when you do not know the area. No road works were taking place up the hill, so why was it blacked off. Taking Care staff to work, where were 30 minutes late for duty.

    Road planners, never let them near a brewery and a piss up, they will dig holes all around it and then piss off. Mayhem and chaos by idiots.

  2. Note that this website is only showing planned delays on the eastbound A27 in both sections! The section about westbound planned delays is a repetition of the information in the eastbound section. Unless my geography is up the creek.

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