A1M Closures, Roadworks Delays

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Northbound A1(M) Closures and A1 Roadworks

Southbound A1(M) Closures and A1 Roadworks

A1(M) and A1 Traffic Flow Map

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The A1 and A1(M) are vital roads for connecting different parts of England and Scotland and facilitating trade, tourism and commuting. The road is also one of the most heavily used in Great Britain, with billions of vehicle miles travelled yearly.

However, the traffic volume and flow on the road can vary significantly by location, time and season, so it is vital to check for any updates before travelling.

UK Traffic Delays is a reliable source of updated travel information obtained under licence from official data providers. London travel information is used under license from TfL Powered by TfL Open Data.

Our website contains public sector travel information licensed under the: Open Government Licence v3.0.

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18 thoughts on “A1M Closures, Roadworks Delays”

  1. Someone really needs to look at the signage for the Scotch Corner services.
    I travel past there quite frequently and since the major upgrade works were completed there don’t seem to be a many advanced signs as there used to be.
    There’s the usual “services in 3 miles” sort of sign in both directions, but there’s no signage in the last mile or so. There’s no sign to say “services next exit” and the sign prior to the exit has place/destination names on, but no mention of services or “Scotch Corner”.
    When you actually reach the junction, there is a small sign at the back end of the hatched marked triangle between the main carriageway and slip Road which simply states “rest area”, but by the time you see it, it’s already too late to get onto the exit slip.
    Prior to the major upgrades there were more signs, signs which included “services” along with all the other junction/exit/destination information and especially a “services” sign at the start of the 3,2,1 countdown markers.

    I know where the scotch corner services are and I’ve missed the exit a couple of times, enough for me to put extra care and effort into looking for the signs. The signs just aren’t there, in either direction. Anyone that doesn’t know that section of road doesn’t stand a chance of accessing the services if they’re not using a sat-nav (programed to take them to the services) and relying solely on the expected signs that aren’t there.

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