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How Long is The A12 Road?

The A12 is 129 miles in length and passes through the following English counties; Greater London, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.

Which Major Towns and Cities Are Near The A12 Road?

Major UK destinations close to the A12 are as follows; Stratford, Romford, Chelmsford, Colchester, Ipswich and Lowestoft.

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M25 Junction 17 Clockwise, severe delays still ongoing. Avoid this route if you can. Heavy rain causing flooding.

11 thoughts on “A12 Travel News”

  1. I used to work in Civil Engineering and have never seen such poor relations between contractors and motorists. One example when there were signs at the A12 end of the A130 proclaiming the road closes at 20.00 . I got there at 19.55, the workman put his hand up and closed the road . When I told him the time he laughed. Maybe because I was in an expensive car and he needed his sad life cheering up. The chaos at Sadlers Farm for years continues, the Stanford Le Hope by pass is a disgrace and obviously badly planned . I wonder what the criteria used by Essex Council when employing contractors. I know some Clerks Of The Works who say they often have their heads in their hands at the incompetance of the ”favoured” contractors.

  2. I live in Wivenhoe, I am a Carer for my elderly frail Mother (age 91) who lives in Romford, she is regularly having falls so I often use the A12 to get over to her quickly – fat chance when this major trunk road is closed. It’s totally unacceptable to completely close sections of the A12, it is causing distress to myself and to my Mother who is already struggling to cope with the isolation of lockdown let alone not seeing her daughter. There must other people like myself who are caring for elderly relatives, my caring role is tiring enough without spending twice as much time travelling to and from my Mother’s due to roadworks.

    1. It is all about making contractor’s lives easier. So much less hassle for them to close a road off completely than lay cones or set out contraflows. Motorists don’t matter as long as money is being made. The less hassle the less staff to pay. Essex is about the worst for this abuse of responsibility

  3. This was the same for me last Saturday got on the A12 on my way back to Clacton-on-Sea and had to make a detour at Chelmsford that sent me around all the Villages where I had to pickup The A120 to Colchester where it takes me in the past joining the A12 at Brook Street It takes me an Hour and half that Saturday it took me 3 Hours

  4. It is not normal to close all access to main and motorways as I have experienced in just the last few years alone. Yesterday I got there again to find by surprise that I couldn’t get onto the A12. A worker insulted me for stopping and asking for advice, but a Sat Nav will always take you back to the same place you keep getting sent away from. The road signs are a nuisance. I followed for about a mile and saw no more and was completely lost.
    The normal way to repair roads, for such busy roads, is to always leave a lane operating because no matter how frustrated motorists are, they know that they will get where they are going, and the Sat Nav will match it every step of the way.
    My fifteen minute drive home took over an hour of guessing dark country roads, which is why I had to but a new car six years ago. Come on fellas, think of your motorists or why else do we need the roadways?

  5. Last night the A12 closure was diabolical Bob Turner is wright the signs are very bad all you do is ride around in circles get this sorted I got lost last night
    and a man and his wife got me out of trouble this is a disgrace put 1 hour on my trip to Romford

    1. I had the same problem driving in circles for an hour!!!!!!! what is the correct route as I will have to complete this journey again over the next month, St Marks Tey to Dartford. Thank you

  6. The diversion signage for the a12 closure are diabolical. Do not close the road again till you sort it. Following signs sends you up & down the A!2 on a continuous loop.The signs are too small are above the height of headlamps & do not include sensible information like :Southbound!!1 or Chelmsford. Sort it,

      1. Haha good reply! I was led a merry dance last night by the A12 closure and it took me nearly two hours to get home instead of the usual 40. Still, at least I had a tour of ‘North Essex by Moonlight’ and discovered several pretty villages (well they looked pretty in the dark) which I had never heard of before. I’ve given up following the ‘diversion’ signs because, as your reader above points out, these just send you round on a wild goose chase.

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