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The A11, a strategic dual carriageway connecting London and Norwich, has become an essential route for motorists traversing the East of England. As a vital link between these two bustling cities, the A11 experiences high traffic volumes, particularly on its busiest stretches. Notably, the sections near the M11 interchange, the A14 junction around Newmarket, and the approach to Norwich’s Thickthorn Roundabout are renowned for their substantial traffic flow.

By accessing up-to-date information on TrafficDelays.co.uk, drivers can stay informed on the latest A11 traffic delays and easily navigate the 85-mile-long roadway. As traffic patterns shift, our website ensures you remain well-prepared for your journey, offering live updates and reliable insights to make your A11 driving experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

A11 Road Traffic Flow Map

Live traffic flow information. Avoid A11 congestion and plan a smarter route.

Live traffic flow information. Avoid A11 congestion and plan a more innovative route. Traffic delays for the A11 road in the East of England. Latest Norfolk travel news obtained under licence from National Highways.

A11 Road: Exploring the Towns and Key Junctions

The A11 road traverses several picturesque towns and notable junctions in East England. As a vital connection between London and Norwich, this dual carriageway passes through various urban and rural landscapes, offering a scenic journey for motorists.

Towns along the A11

Saffron Walden: Located close to the M11 junction 9, Saffron Walden is a charming market town in Essex, boasting historical architecture and quaint streets. With a rich history dating back to the medieval period, the town is a popular stop for travellers exploring the region.

Newmarket: Nestled in the heart of Suffolk, Newmarket is globally renowned for its horse racing heritage. The A11 brushes past the town at junction 37, intersecting with the A14, providing easy access to the famous Newmarket Racecourse and the town’s bustling centre.

Thetford: Situated in Norfolk, Thetford is a thriving market town steeped in history, surrounded by the stunning Thetford Forest. The A11 runs just south of the town, with junction 38 connecting travellers to the A134 and the town’s attractions, including the ancient ruins of Thetford Priory.

Attleborough: A small yet bustling market town in Norfolk, Attleborough is easily accessible from the A11 at junction 40. With a rich industrial heritage, Attleborough offers visitors a taste of traditional English life and picturesque countryside.

Wymondham: Located near Norwich, Wymondham is a historic market town known for its beautiful abbey and well-preserved timber-framed buildings. Travellers can access Wymondham from junction 41 on the A11.

Major Intersections and Junctions

The A11 road features several key junctions and intersections connecting it to other significant regional roads. These include:

M11: The A11 starts at junction 9 of the M11 motorway, which links London to Cambridge and provides access to the A14 and the A1(M).

A14: The A11 intersects with the A14 at junction 37 near Newmarket. This significant road connects the Midlands to East Anglia, offering routes to Cambridge, Ipswich, and Felixstowe.

A47: Just south of Norwich, the A11 meets the A47 at the Thickthorn Roundabout. The A47 is a crucial east-west route in Norfolk, connecting Norwich to Great Yarmouth and King’s Lynn.

By understanding the essential towns and junctions along the A11 road, motorists can better plan their journeys and fully appreciate the diverse landscapes and rich history this important route offers.

In summary, the A11 road, as a vital artery connecting London and Norwich, offers travellers a journey through picturesque towns, scenic landscapes, and rich history. To stay ahead of any A11 traffic delays, it’s essential to remain informed of the latest travel news and live updates. By accessing reliable resources like TrafficDelays.co.uk, you can ensure a seamless and efficient driving experience, as our platform provides real-time A11 traffic updates, congestion reports, and essential travel information. Equip yourself with the most accurate and up-to-date A11 travel news to make the most of your journey along this remarkable route through the heart of East England.

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6 thoughts on “A11 Traffic Delays Live Updates, Travel News & Road Conditions”

  1. A11 North of Thetford. (About 20 miles) each side of the carriageway

    All of Norfolk late 2019/2020/2021 closed for business due to Covid.
    2022 National highways decide nearly 3 years with Norfolk and tourism closed to restrict all A11 traffic north of Thetford causing at least additional 60 minute journey times and putting off any tourism and commercial logistics at least another year(great thinking chaps) road works May to November in a holiday destination right after a pandemic and when the area is struggling to recover commercially as well. I take it this will be your last job in the area with this sort of planning and the death of tourism in Norfolk for 2023.

  2. Diversions so poorly signposted that we ended up at the same place 3 times!! 44 miles from our goal destination and what made it worse was seeing 4 cars and 2 vans with highways workers just sat there talking to each other. When I asked them to give me a clue on where to go, 2 of the workers turned their backs on me and carried on talking to each over and I had the reply “follow the signs”. When I said that the signing was just sending us round in circles the guy I was talking 2 smirked and replied that they wasn’t as he travelled the route every day! Duh, thats how you know where your going, YOU do it everyday! Have a thought for people travelling outside their comfort zone and, try having a little bit of compassion. Just a foot note, I was that stressed after travelling around a “simple diversion” in the end, I turned around and travelled 130 miles back to the West Midlands!

  3. Pretty Rubbish Directions coming back late from Norwich, first closure ‘Diverted Traffic’ sent you back to Norwich, most cars tried to run through the lanes only to find them closed, people where on vergeways trying to work out now to get home. Second closure at Thetford was much better with Diverted Traffic Signs taking you round road closure, Finally got to A14 could see signs that M11 was closed between junctions 7 & 8, but before we got anywhere near that we found only one lane open on the A14 which turned out to be completely closed and took you off to Newmarket. Its 2021 guys, do you need help with your communications, does someone actually try and follow these signs? You need to think of the consequences when you do road closure and not leave people stuck in the dark in the middle of no where, there were cars parked up everywhere on the first closure. Bad Planning and a total lack of thought for road users.

  4. I’ve noticed over the last few months that the a11is sporadically closed, with no advanced notice, Norwich indeed any notice on the actual occasion. For example, it was closed Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (early) at Wymondham – a sign where the road works started said single file traffic, that a lane was closed. It was not evident that the actual road was shit until the cones direct you off of the a11. To make matters worse, the main route through Wymondham has temporary 4-way traffic lights. Always helpful to have advance notice on such a main route, considering people are travelling for work……..

  5. The A11 was opened yesterday morning and now it’s shut again how inconsistent is this this system it puts people out like me and disrupts my day and costs me money.

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