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Location: Muirhead Road

Description of incident: BRIDGE MAINTENANCE WORK: A new temporary traffic road order at Muirhead Road Railway Bridge will come into effect at 00:01 hours on 26th of December 2016 and remain in operation until such time as a revoking order is made. The purpose of the proposed Order is to implement a weight restriction of 18 tonnes on Muirhead Road Railway Bridge from a point 40 m southwest of the extended southwest kerb line of South Scott Street, southwards for a distance of 50 m (both sides of the road)

Incident start: 2016-12-26T00:01:00

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The latitude and longitude location given for this incident is as follows:
Lat / Long 55.84488841247348 -4.111851198152925

Traffic delay information supplied by Glasgow City Council, for further details please see here: Glasgow CC.

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