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Santander Cycles Hire in London

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Docking station: All Saints’ Road, Portobello

Bikes for hire: 8

Empty docking bays: 14

Docking station locked: unlocked

A locked docking station will allow a bike hire user to return a bike but not rent one from this location.

Total capacity at this docking station is: 22

All Saints’ Road, Portobello Location

Google Cycle Routes Map.

Total number of available hire bikes at this docking station is 8, excluding any locked/faulty bikes that cannot be rented.

Total number of available docking points at this docking station is 14.

A bike dock is empty when no bike is docked in it. This figure excludes any defective bike docks, ie those that do not allow a bike to be docked in.

The latitude and longitude location is: Lat 51.519042, Long -0.204764

Santander Cycles Hire data supplied at Mon 18th June 2018 03:51 am by Transport for London. The latest London bicycle hire availability at All Saints' Road, Portobello London. All information supplied by TfL and is as accurate as possible.